Who is taking our money

but cutting our healthcare?

One group thinks the greedy insurance industry is to blame.

The other side accuses the government of being greedy for more power.

BOTH sides MISSED the real culprit.

Find out the TRUTH—



The Cancer in Healthcare:
How Greed is Killing
What We Love

 By Dr. Deane Waldman


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Are you in charge of your healthcare?

“We The Patients”

    • “We The Patients” were told that the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as “Obamacare”) will provide health insurance to uninsured Americans and will cut the cost of healthcare for everyone

Are you getting the same or better coverage that you used to pay for?

    • Bureaucracy—both corporate and government—take a majority of healthcare dollars.

But are you seeing better service and care?


    • Insurance premiums are going up under ACA.  Your taxes are higher.

Is that making healthcare affordable for all?


Are you getting the same or better coverage that you used to pay for? [/one_half]

University of Chicago’s former head of pediatric cardiology, 

Dr. Deane Waldman, figured it out …


About the Book

Dr. Waldman has been the head of Pediatric Cardiology at three separate Children’s Hospitals, among them the University of Chicago. He loved restoring health to very sick children. He retired because he got fed up with the insurance companies telling him how to practice medicine and the government bureaucracy telling him how to run his medical practice.

He now sits on the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange Board —the board charged with setting up the health exchanges under Obamacare in New Mexico.   He is seeing first-hand how greedy bureaucracy is killing what we love.

When he asks government lawyers “how complying with ACA provides health services that make people healthier,” he’s told:

That is not our job, and besides, it doesn’t matter.”

What doesn’t matter?

Our health?

How our tax money is spent?

How our Government is caring—or not—for us?

The Cancer in Healthcare is a must-read for every American who is concerned about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect you and your family.  Whether you are currently on Medicare or preparing for retirement; a small business owner or employee; working in the medical field or thinking about it; or hoping for the best but still worried about how ACA will affect you, this book will help you understand the current state of healthcare affairs in America and what you can do to protect what you love—your family, you, and YOUR HEALTH.

  • If you’re worried about what’s going to happen to your health care now that the Affordable Care Act is law
  • If you’re tired of hospitals charging ridiculous amounts for a band aid or an aspirin
  • If you want to find out how to take control of your healthcare and your health…

List Price: $17.95



plus applicable tax & $3.95 Shipping & Handling

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